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I started IncogNET because I believe that privacy and freedom of expression are two very important things that are under attack. More now than ever, your life is becoming less private and your speech more restricted. IncogNET offers some simple solutions to accessing and publishing content privately without us enforcing arbitrary limitations on speech that the law hasn't already.

  • We're a privacy focused provider that wishes to normalize privacy for the masses. You don't need to be a journalist, activist, whisteblower or someone with 'something to hide' to benefit from increased privacy.

  • We offer high quality, production ready services with privacy in mind.

  • We're strong supporters of freedom of speech and expression. We believe every human has the right freedom of expression and support even those who we may disagree with. Our business is apolitical, and we do not judge who should and should not be granted the right to express themselves freely. Read more about our stance on free speech:

  • We don't require Personal Identifiable Information because we don't need it. We're not going to write you a handwritten letter on your birthday or give you a phone call on Christmas. We don't want that information, it's not required to be collected, and we simply never ask for it. All you need to place your order is an email address. Mail relays welcome.

  • We support and sponsor several pro-privacy projects. You can read more about this here: .

  • Aside from all of the pro-privacy features we implement, we simply run a great service, on the latest and greatest hardware on quality upstream networks.

  • We're a legal Wyoming, USA based LLC that has been in business since 2020 and growing by the month.


All VPS plans come with one IPv4 and one /64 IPv6 Block, 40Gbps Basic DDoS Protection, ability to install from your own provided ISO, rDNS control (v4/v6), HTML5 VNC, and free, opt-in and offsite stored snapshots available.

Save 25% off the following plans when paying annually with the coupon code: YYB35Z2FHK

256MB RAM | 1/2x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 10GB NVMe Storage | 1TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $18.75/YR with coupon

384MB RAM | 1/2x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 12GB NVMe Storage | 1TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $22.50/YR with coupon

512MB RAM | 1x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 20GB NVMe Storage | 10TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $37.50/YR with coupon.

Save 30% off the following plans when paying any available payment cycle with coupon code: SFKV8X303L

1024MB RAM | 1x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 25GB NVMe Storage | 10TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $6.30/mo with coupon

2048MB RAM | 1x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 30GB NVMe Storage | 10TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $9.10/mo with coupon

4096MB RAM | 2x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 40GB NVMe Storage | 20TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $14.00/mo with coupon

6144MB RAM | 2x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 55GB NVMe Storage | 20TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $18.20/mo with coupon

8192MB RAM | 2x 3.8Ghz vCPU | 70GB NVMe Storage | 20TB/mo BW @ 1Gbps | $22.40/mo with coupon

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Refunds? - First 48 hours only, and not for crypto. Sorry.

  • Can I host adult content? - Legal adult content is fine.

  • What crypto do you accept? - BTC, LTC, XMR, DASH, DOGE.

  • Can I do ____ or use a server for ____? - Review our Terms: We have zero tolerance on network abuse or spam. Just because we respect your privacy doesn't mean we let you do whatever you want.

  • Do you really support free speech? - Yes, of course. Feel free to read more here:

About IncogNET LLC

  • Business Legal Name: IncogNET LLC

  • Registration Date: 04/21/2021

  • Business Address: 30 N. Gould Street, STE 4000, Sheridan, WY 82801

  • Business Email: company[AT]incognet[dot]io

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