Free Perfmatters License + Seriously Good Web Hosting

Perfmatters is an awesome performance optimization plugin that can do wonders for front-end optimization. For shared hosting customers on our Unlimited plan or above, we are now offering Perfmatters for free!

So to celebrate, we'll give you 50% off our Unlimited + Power plan, recurring for 6 months -- that's starting from $2.50/m for:

  • Perfmatters! (typically $124.95/y)

  • A seriously good support team to back our seriously good hosting -- we're here 24/7 to help with anything you could need. Site optimization? Got you. Free migration? Already done. Referral for graphic design? We can hook you up.

    • We can also provide some great restaurant recommendations if anyone is swinging by San Jose, CA :)

  • Emails, hosting, cPanel, Immunify.... things that "just work"

  • Blazing backend performance to back your now-speedy frontend

Use code "PERFMATTERSYAY" here: -- choose "Monthly"