Aff earning collection advice. Reputation on Cloudflexy( ; Dedicenter)?

Hi community,

I'm writing this thread for my friend @gongyi who is running, one of the top 10 VPS marketing websites in China. He cannot explain this well in English. I'm here to help him.

He's been introducing products for providers LEB community to the Chinese marketing since 2014. He's done lots of sales for many awesome providers such as: ---- @AlexanderM ------@cociu ------------ @Hassan ------------ @hostdare -------------@Francisco -------- @rectified ---------------- @VirMach @HostSailor @changeip

BandwagonHost --- Daniel.

budgetvm ,bandwagonhost , vultr ,digitalocean

on 18th, April, Cloudflexy(Rackhost) contacted him asking if he can promote products to Chinese market from LET.

It's already 2000+ sales for Cloudflexy.

He's been asking Cloudflexy to pay his earning. The provider has been putting his request on hold. without paying him in full.

He's been trying to communicate with provider and they just keep delaying the payment.

Affiliate Monthly Referrals Report

In three months, only less than 1/3 of the earning is paid.

It's really appreciated if anyone can provide any advice for my friend.



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