(Bad review)

So I decided to try out dedicated stuff for my Kubernetes Lab and ordered

E3-SSD-2-32 Server - E3-1225v2 -32GB - SoftRaid 3x120GB SSD

Now what`s wrong:

They promise:

16 free IPs -NOPE, works only if you have some company, pay for setup, etc, etc

Support - NOPE, just none of it

ESXi 6, 6.5 - NOPE, only 5.0update1

Software RAID - NOPE, you have 3 120Gb disks, but you can do only RAID1, RAID5 is not possible, which gives you 80+ usable GB total on proxmox for example


p>REFUND: well still not done after 2 days, server was canceled and returned during first 12 hours</>

The good things:

Disks are fast: 460MB+ / 5k+ Random IOPS

Provision was done in like 3-4 minutes

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