How to install cpanel on 512MB ram vps - step by step

recently, I needed cPanel for development and testing. cPanel needs whopping 2GB ram to install!

now cPanel don't really need 2GB ram to operate.

So how can you install cPanel on low ram (512MB vps)?

buy a vps with 512MB ram and centos 7/6(of course) with a provider which have hourly billing and you can Resize vps easily. (example: digialocean).
resize it to 2GB ram. (CPU and RAM only - in digitalOcean droplet resize menu) (Don't resize disk, otherwise you cant downgrade it back)
install cPanel now as you have 2GB ram.
Once installed, power off your vps and downgrade ram back to 512MB.
and there you go, now you have cPanel on 512MB vps.

It still had ~200MB ram available when idealing (postgresql is also installed and running).

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