Bad service and no customer support: Avoid WootHosting everyone.

I ordered shared cPanel services from woothosting, as advertised here:

Really lured by their low price. So I decided to give it a try. The plan I got is 200GB reseller hosting plan with WHM access, costs $9/year and additional $5 for dedicated IP. But I experienced one months of constant service outages and issues. I would not recommend their service to anyone, reasons are listed as follows:

Overloaded server : the node I got for shared hosting is node60, the load average for this node is constantly very high, 38.66 (8 cpus) as I am writing this post. Just after three days of my purchase, the entire server is down for more than three hours. During that time, I cannot login to cPanel as well as customer portal. I contacted Jason, their boss, after the server gone back to normal. He promised me such outage won't happen again. Well, but it did happen again, according to my NIXStats monitor.
Unstable account functions After I finished setting up my website, I purchased a SSL certificate to set it up. But every time I tried to install the certificate, cPanel prompts me about missing function sslinstall, and when I try to issue a Let's Encrypt certificate, the same error message prevented me to do so. As this is a reseller hosting plan, I create a test account in my WHM panel, and the newly created account can install Let's encrypt certificate just fine. I contact their support again, and this ticket had been marked solved several times without a viable solution, and for 15 days this issue persists. They told me that this issue is related to a recent cPanel update and they are actively looking into it.
Changing account quota I finally resolved issue described in 2, which is related to a WHM account setting and I am able to reenable the sslinstall plugin for my main account. But after I installed certs, I found that my add-on domain is redirecting to my main domain. The add-on domain quota is set to zero. After I deleted the add-on domain setting, I could not add that again, and after the deletion of add-on domain. The domain redirection still exists.
Unhelpful customer report Well, they do reply ticket within one or two hours, but their reply are usually mumbling on things thats not helpful or unrelated, like "we are looking into this issue, please be patience" or "your issue is resolved (its really not), please check it (close the ticket)." I am not expecting a lot of customer support due to this price, but things like account settings or quota allocation, I simply cannot do that myself.

Other stuff like manually activation of services, account credit bug (if you have account credit and used by default on a new invoice, if they cancel that invoice, the account credit just gone, and you have no way to verify that) are not preventing me from actually using their service, but they are really time wasting. I think I would not consider their service again.

Sorry for my poor english, english is not my first language.


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