NorthHosts great to start with then just awful service and product from NorthHosts

So before I start I want to make it clear that although I had a couple of good points the rest has been downhill.

So where do I start, I added Jon on Skype 5 March, from there things were good, I spoke to him about general crap e.g. UK things, servers and well honestly he was very friendly, I spoke about getting a dev server from him, something old hardware but just for me to test software etc, He set that up very quickly and even added a disk for the OS I needed, Great all seemed good but that server was not compatible for what I needed, Fine he offered a refund and that was great.

From there we exchanged some general chit chat not much, On the 28 March I spoke to him about getting a server shipped, He was more than happy to agree so we went from there, I got the address and shipped over a server, again all is great.

On the 30th of March the server was delivered to Jon, again all great he took delivery off it and I waited, next day Jon send me all the details for the server, Great once again, at this point I'm over the moon, There were a few little things like he only connected one PSU and a drive was faulty etc and I asked him to add another cable, he did but it was a dog lead, I figured it would be ok, I asked him to remove the faulty drive and send it back to the supplier, it took him around a week but he did and again this made me happy as I felt I was getting great service, the next thing is that I ask him to setup reverse DNS on a few ips for me, he says ok and well it never happened and even to the day I pulled my hardware out of the datacenter he never did it.

The other issues I had with this is that he assigned me IPs and several times and I mean several times the s were stolen by other things on his network, like a TP Link wifi router he used for NorthHosts’ guest network (yes he was assigning wifi ips from his /24 on the same network that clients are located) I spoke to him about this and well the only responses I got from him was to assign clients new ips while he sorted it, he never did at all.

I sent him another machine which again he seemed to be great with, all seemed ok except a few teething things like the ips etc but I could deal with that for the price I was getting.

As we went down the line (I had server there for around 2 months) there were a few more significant things that happened i.e, the "DC" got DDoSed and all service went down (he claims to have 1Gbps fibre lane but likely hood that it's just DOCSIS but there are another member here with much more knowledge on that than me, The other issue is a JCB hitting the power and cutting all power to the building, But yet he advertises generators and when questioned he said they failed but i’ve asked for pictures and him won't provide any, Again that's more of and I can't prove he doesn't have any so I won't bring it up.

I also asked him to announce a /24 for me and I literally waited 30 days and they had no announced them, he says virgin were taking that long but anyone on here who deal with virgin business knows how long they really take but again that just me saying that he doesn't have a true business line, no proof so I won't dwindle on it

After this, for some reason, my server ILO ip was stolen again by someone and when I made Jon aware of this he said he will look into and never did, Now after that about 3 days after one of my servers literally just died, it would not boot and after checking the raid card was not showing up for some reason that's not to do with North Hosts however at this point i’d had enough and decided to pull my servers as i’d lost everything on the one server I was using for clients, So I contacted Jon to get my servers shipped to me, he seemed annoyed about this but was happy to help, I asked him to get them packed up ready and he said he had, I then also asked for him to ship to another DC for me and then canceled a day after as I was trying to figure out where to send, At this point I was pissed off with his shitty service and terrible attitude as he was always childish and angry.

A few days after I ask him to ship my server to a DC, his response is if I arrange courier then he will, so arrange that for 1 server and wait until the day I booked for collection (i remember it was a tuesday as he asked for me to not book it on monday) so tuesday comes and I message him about the pickup, he said he had re arranged it for the next day, well why?? I booked it on the day he said and yet he re booked it? fine ok I don't care as long as I get my server, Well at this point I also ask him to ship my other server and he seems pissed off but says the same thing, if I send the courier he will pack it up, So I did, I forgot to give him the shipping label so he turned them away, Ok my fault, I then send him the label and re arrange for the next day, all seems fine and I wait for delivery of the first server.

First server arrives at the DC, and its missing its rails?? I try to contact Jon with no luck, and then when he did respond (maybe 2-3 days later) he said he sent them with second server, but that's not what I asked for him to so, well I don't moan and just simply order a rack shelf for the other DC.

The other DC go to rack the server and find the server is damaged and wont turn on, well again I can't prove this was Jon’s fault so i'll leave that to the case I have open with my courier, but then the DC tell me that there is empty bays in the server, so again I contact Jon and as what is going on.

this is a typical childish response from Jon.

Now there is a lot I simply may miss here however here is a short list of what happened for those who don't want to read it all.

I sent NorthHosts 2 servers.
In the space of a few weeks I had ips stolen, "gen fails" in a power cut and then server dies
I ask NH to send my servers and BOTH servers turn up damaged and missing things.

I'm not here for attention more of a community warning, also there is a lot of chat logs however windows 10 skype wont let me copy it all in one go.

There are also a few members that have seen first hand the experience I have got and even had that them self, all I can say is stay away from NorthHosts, even I fell for his "Sales" skills, maybe he got that skill from being a Virgin media's salesman, and that's where he probably gets his "Fiber" from.

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