Scrambled OpenVPN Auto Installer Script(2017)

ISPs in high authorian regimes such as in China , Iran and Pakistan can easily detect and block standard VPN traffic.This bash script automatically install OpenVPN and Obfsproxy to obsfucate openvpn traffic making it very difficult to detect and block.At the time of this writing this method successfully bypasses current firewalls and internet filters.

This script is a major upgrade from the [old one i coded in 2014].( ).

Changelog :

Uses a completely new method ( OpenVPN + obfsproxy) that requires no patching making it very easy to update via yum.
OpenVPN config has been upgraded to meet current security standards
Added compatibility with cloud platforms like Google Compute Engine

As always it is fully opensource and i welcome contributions via github.

Github :

I hope you guys will like it and use it ....


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