$15/year KVM NVMe VPS from SharkServers

I've been a customer for about a year now, and stuck with them when they were having hard time. About a week ago I've got a promotional email from them advertising a new KVM VPS range with NVMe storage, and I've got a promo code which gave me VPS 2 NVMe plan for $15/year. Hope it's ok to share. If it's ok, the code is GO68KFAA9P. If it's not ok, please edit it out.


SharkServers was very good from 2013 until 2015. I wasn't a customer back them, but they were praised everywhere. Then something happened in 2015 and things went downhill. I've only signed up in 2019, and whilst there were issues, they seem to be resolved, and the support has improved dramatically since 2019.

As for VPS itself, the I/O is great, as you'd expect from NVMe based SSD storage. Same with network speed - it's great. The offer was only for Germany based VPS 2 NVMe, and it looks like they use Hetzner for these. The node I'm on seems to run very fast, so I assume it's not being overloaded/oversold. I'll post some benchmark data later today. The site is www.sharkserve.rs


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