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Earlier this morning my server got randomly shutdown. I noticed it by receiving an email from my monitoring. Anyway, I checked their control panel and see that the server is "locked". I instantly call their support and they say it's an hardware issue and the server is locked so I don't do any further damage. This was at 10:30am.

For reference, I have the business support plan, means 24/24 phone support, 20 min ticket reply time, and 1hr intervention.

Anyway, I thought I hit a broken disk or something and expected the server to be running 1-2hrs later. But nothing. I checked their Help Desk and see that their "Hardware Watch" is supposed to send me an SMS when they intervene, but I never got something. No email, no SMS, nothing.

As of now, 6pm the server is still offline.

I have contacted them over the ticket and get replies such as

"We will come back to you as soon as we have more information."

Why have I purchased the business support? My server is now randomly offline since 8 hours when there wasn't even a single issue with it.

Additionally, I received:

"If we had stocks on this specific server we would have had replaced it completely with a new one for you to do a fresh install and be able to start your production again, but we sadly do not. "

HELLO? Why am I running my server even in raid??? Am I now losing all my data? Ok, next time I will just do Raid 0 because it doesn't matter anyway.

So I moved on their Slack server and asked if I could get my Disks moved into a new server, where they replied:

"Each model has their own set of hardware which is static. We can't move hardware from a model to another or we will have inconsistencies"

OK. I understand. So I asked to move my disks into a server spec that has same disks offered as mine, so there is no inconsistencies. But no, they are not going to do it.

I guess do not use for production systems, it is a waste of time and will only cost you money.

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