cyberpanel / directadmin

I lurk here for some time now. you guys introduced me to directadmin as I'm already a cyberpanel user, so I grabbed a trial version and gave it a go.
In my opinion that lack a ton of technical perspective here is (some of) what I found.

1- cyberpanel is easier to deal with.
2- cyberpanel has better SSL issuing (no wild card, but who cares) than directadmin.
3- cyberpanel greatly lack support.
4- Cyberpanel has nice Cloudflare API integration.
4- Directadmin have way more features. but the lack of documentation makes a harder learning curve.
5- Directadmin SSL is so weird, especially if you have Cloudflare as a frontline defense.
6- Directadmin CustomBuild is a really good feature, it will be greater if it's well documented.
7- Directadmin has a nice firewall integration.

those notes are not from 'provider' point of view, as I'm not and not planning to.
I know DA is paid while Cyperpanel is free, but hey both are not Cpanel or Plesk.

this post is not meant to compare both panels, but its more to encourage you to post whats you really like about DA, why you prefer it, what the small tiny detail you like the most that saved you time implementing manually.

So please tell me, why you like DA (other than price tag) over any other panels except Cpanel or Plesk.

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