Upcoming VPS Review Series

April was a busy month for Low End Box, as we rolled out plenty of new initiatives:

Tutorials are back! We’ll be posting one or two each month
Each month we’ll be asking our users important questions via Polls
We’ve launched an Editorial section with articles about VPS, web hosting and the industry in general
We’ve begun a monthly Q/A style interview series with industry and community leaders

And now we are launching a Low End Box VPS Review Series , led by Low End Talk community member @jsg . The reviews will be performed by @jsg exclusively, who has already completed quite a few reviews in the past on Low End Talk, and his fairness was appreciated by providers and users alike. Once each review is completed we’ll post it on both Low End Box and Low End Talk.
Each review will be independent, meaning it is not a head-to-head comparison but rather an in depth analysis of the service by each provider.
We are actively asking for providers who would like to participate in our first review to be published in the next few weeks. All we need is one of your VPS services for a single month. Utilization levels will be low and your participation is appreciated. Interested providers should leave a comment below, or message @jsg directly on Low End Talk .
As always we are looking forward to your feedback! Remember to vote and then leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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