The disgrace that is VirMach

After working so hard for less than minimum wage, I feel a sense of closure in as much as I (The consumer) have worked with the bank to get a full refund for this scam of a company.

I would like to elaborate as to why this was necessary.
Approximately three days ago I contacted VirMach and instructed them not to take the latest payment for the service as the service was both inadequate and poorly supported.

The head of Sales and Management Soheil G. Told me if I wish to discuss this he would charge $15 per 15 minutes. I would also like to point out that this company is NOT GDPR compliant and is also not ICO Registered. Even if Soheil G. Thinks that he is somehow exempt from the law.

After attempting to contact VirMach via telephone using the contact number provided on their website, All I ever got was an answering machine. Which leads me to suspect that this company is also fraudulent and has no "Real" Staff members.

Looking for support with your service?
Don't go to VirMach they will not only refuse to provide support regarding billing. But also regarding issues with your services, which I might add is very standard from a similar kind of company.

I would like to elaborate as to why this was necessary,
Contacting the billing department about my services should always be free.
I do not expect to pay $15 per 15 minutes to discuss an unauthorised payment.
Just hope you can access your client area because if not, you will be charged $15 every 15 minutes till the issue is resolved by the non-existent 'staff' team.

And finally for anyone considering to purchase from this company, please look elsewhere, you will only be met with dire disappointment.


Head of consumer justice

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