7 year review of ChicagoVPS

Executive brief :

Their service is average, their support is horrible and getting worse.
They lie in their sales promises and support.

Full review :

We are clients since mid 2013, with multiple VPS and a couple of dedicated servers.
Created a DNS cluster with their VPS, several web hosting servers with cPanel and stuff like that.
Their service was ok, the support was a little slow but with a good attitude, felt like personal attention.

In 2015, ChicagoVPS was acquired by it’s primary supplier, VSNX (ColoCrossing).

We immediately started to notice changes, mostly in their support staff, their attitude and knowledge of the services.
Their ticket response turned into painfully slow (aside from the quick and useless automated response), started to have trouble communicating what we wanted, always having to explain in detail, almost felt like teaching their craft.

We had some major issues with some VPS and their response was always something like:

Your server is sending spam, we had to take it down.
Your server is being attacked.
There was a hardware failure at the underlying server.

Never really explaining in detail, no logs, no evidence. So, because of the service interruptions, we started to migrate to another provider until we ended up with only one dedicated server.
Struggling to find a reliable provider for dedicated servers and thinking that the bad experience was due to the transition in the company acquisition, we kept it there.

Last month something happened that sums up everything that is wrong with ChicagoVPS, here's the support ticket summary (that can gladly provide to any admin to verify):


The server is not responding to any attempt, ping, web, ssh... nothing. We triggered a reboot from your panel and still aren't able to get in. Please help

Support : We have detected a large volume of email being sent from your IP. Your machine appears to have been used to send SPAM. We have null routed the source IP, and will continue to monitor this situation. The null route may remain in place for up to 48 hours. Please investigate this issue with your customer and resolve this matter immediately.

8 hours without service and no signs of spam from blacklists. Block the 25 port to prevent any spam and let us investigate the issue.

Support : We have removed the null route

We are still unable to access it, ping, ssh, web, nothing. Almost half a day without service.


Support : One the drives in your RAID 0 array has failed leaving the data unrecoverable. Please advise how you would like to proceed.

What's the fastest way to restore our service from your last backup? Replace the broken hard drive? Move to a different server? Share with us a link with the backup?

Support : Your UNMANAGED server, we do not keep a backup of the server.

In your website, Dedicated Servers it's clearly stated: "As an extra layer of protection we have implemented daily backups so we are always prepared."


Support : As stated we do not provide backups on self-managed services, especially bare-metal as we have no access to the disk and the smart servers are the same case there. We only offer backup solutions for the OpenVZ VPS's, we will let the web designer know to edit the site if there was an issue from a duplicate page.

The ticket was automatically closed.
No solution was given.
The server is still unavailable.
The website still claims daily backups:

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