Run CLion native on Android, ditch your desktop!

How often do you read articles that state that people have replaced their main computer with an iPad and are fully content? Now, how many of those articles just use a linux server (vps) somewhere with some native apps, but mostly SSH to that server? Well, what if I told you that you can run a full blown IDE, the best IDE for C++ there is, CLion by JetBrains, on Android? Including compiling, just native GCC, CMake, GDB and all the stuff you are used to? Just for fun I've installed CLion on an old Samsung Tab S2 I had lying around, using Ubuntu in a chroot. It works way better than I'd expected, with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse it's almost as if your on a desktop. I wonder if you could run Android Studio and use the tablet to compile app's for itself. This article shows some photo's, including a mechanical keyboard, different window managers and had instructions to replicate this setup.

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