Configure VPN on VPS!

Set up your own VPN on the VPS server to get freedom on the Internet!

In this life-hack, I’ll tell you how to set up your own VPN on your VPS in 10 minutes, if you show interest I’ll then tell you about more complex vpn such as Double VPN and so on.

Choose a hosting

For set up a VPN, you need a VPS - a virtual private server. You can choose any hosting provider, the main thing is that the following conditions are met:
• RAM (RAM) must be at least 1024 MB;
• Network interface speed - 100 MB / seconds and higher;
• Network traffic is unlimited.
The amount of allocated hard disk space and the type of drive does not matter. You can find the right solution for 3-4 dollars a month. But I found it for 11.88 euros per YEAR!

When buying a server, choose KVM

With KVM, no additional manipulations will be necessary, although some hosting providers on it may limit the ability to create a VPN. You can also clarify this in the support service.

When setting up the server, in the "Host Name" section, you can write any value: for example, servers, Operating System - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS .

Configure VPN

For connection to the server and send commands, we will use the Putty program.

For configure the VPN, I used the ready-made OpenVPN road warrior script .
To use the script, insert the command in the console

wget -O && bash

Let's go in order:
1. The IP address must match the IP address that you received in the letter from the host;
2. Protocol leave the default UDP;
3. Port: 1194 - agree;
4. Which DNS to use - select Google. Erase 1, type 3 and press Enter;
5. Client name - enter the username. You can leave the client;
6. Press any key - press Enter again and wait for the setup to complete.
Then we download the file from the ssh, in our case it is Moldova.ovpn

Connect to the server
To connect using the created file, you need the OpenVPN client. The computer version can be downloaded here . Download and install the program, but do not run. Right-click on the moldova.ovpn file and select Start OpenVPN.


For all forum users, I will distribute this config so that you can try!

P.S. Аor me this is the first experience in writing articles, if you will be interested I will be constantly sharing

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