HostedSimply - Scamming me or what ? < your recommendation highly needed.

Hi guys;

First of all please forgive me for my pure language in English; but i'm a member here watching all good talks/idea's.. and love this small community; but to be honest; to find scammers peoples / companies; it's so bad; and i would make the mods on this community responsible and they need to support/help us in this issue; by review the case(s) and take actions against the bad side; company or the client;

anyway it's just suggestion and i hope after this nobody will have what i have with this company;

my story is with bad support; or to be fair un-knowledge from somebody who can run a website and run WHMCS script and start make re-seller affiliate for other companies and start scamming people by force them to lose data or to pay and shut up.

i did work with since 1 year; and i decide after taking 3 VPS's from them to leave 2 and keep the 4GB one for my 2 website ( Free bloggers );

after i receive a termination for not paying because i was busy; i quickly pay through my phone and they have stupid addons for anti-fraud or something idiot; anyway when i take the order i was in Russia for friend visiting; then i come back to Georgia; and when i was there i order this VPS ( before 1 year ) ; and now i need to renew it from Georgia;

This stupid addons keep warning me that my order was from Russia and i'm in different country; i try to change the country and pay again; it doesn't work ether;

i receive from my bank account 2 SMS with 2 payments; i then attached them to administrator and ask them kindly to active my VPS until they fix this issue; because the websites are down and i'm going to lose my traffic and trust in google search and yandex;

after 1 hour they or he respond and relocate it to admin;

i open another ticket to please active the VPS and then investigate or do whatever you want; i prof in my attachment for the payment from my bank;

then i receive another email from PayPal ( 3rd payment ) that the payment has been sent; and i attached screenshot and send them the transaction number ... and till now nobody answer;

till now ( 2 days ) my websites are offline; and i pay 3rd time; it cost me $120 and i'm lost what to do with these scammers ??!! they scammers because they don't respect a client who open ticket since 2 days and prof payment and they didn't even be in touch or give any damn attention;

i pay now $120 ( 3 payments ) for stupid 4GB VPS for one year; and i believe that this issue even if they fix it to me; i wont leave my right to let everybody know my bad experience with them and warning any new clients to never work with this kind of people anymore; and highly recommended that the owner of this community to block them and stop all the ads they have here; because i already see in other ads of them very bad review; but i decide to didn't make it worse and leave also bad review about them;

Any recommendation would be highly recommended guys; and thank you for your time reading my issue;

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