[LETBOX] Be careful if you're going to reinstall OS.


Stop VPS before reinstalling OS.
Initial password cannot contain " .
Its support team sucks.
I got no blockstorage in my plan. I have no idea.

Bought B3 13th Oct. I was busy doing other stuffs, so forgot about it almost for a month.

When I connected via ssh for the first time, I figured out it's hacked and had 100GB+ bandwidth usage. Okay. Sh*t happens. I tried reinstalling OS with new password. Failed. Vps was running without a pause. That web panel always says it worked, but it may not. You need to stop the vps first to ensure it works.

Next trial was a bit annoying.
It saves last initial password used in plain text, and load it via clientarea.php. Not in a well-formatted object, but in HTML text, without escaping/unescaping password string.
Yay! If your new password contains " , then it will break password input form and no change of initial password next time!
I opened a support ticket for that issue, but they(2 staffs) kept telling me "just request cancellation". I believe it's outsourced. 7$/3TB is too good plan to miss, so I used chrome devtools to change initial password.

And an hour ago, I found out there's no blockstorage included in my plan.
Opened another ticket and waiting. They might say "request cancelation", but worth trying.

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