broken sale process and worst customer support.

I have never seen so cheep company which does not care its own sale agreement just for euro 2 and has the worst support system. Here is are some points.

I noticed online new sale on 26th at lowendtalk website.
I went to their website and all euro 2 servers with 1 TB disk are gone.
Some user on this form were saying they just ordered Start-2-S-SATA
So I asked how they order here at
As per suggestion by @lebidule , I start pressing F5 and got I available which I ordered very quickly.
I waited for 3-4 hours but my sever is not delivered, So I created ticket 808157.
Mr. Dylan replied me that they do not have spare server so cannot deliver.
So I said are your sale order process was broken as you have taken more orders than servers you had in stock.
Then Mr. Jaroslaw replied saying “be patient, your server will arrive shortly”
I said thanks for confirmation.
Then Mr. Jaroslaw asked me to close ticket if I have nothing else.
So I closed ticket.
I waited for whole one day and on 27 evening, I created another ticket 808474, asking how long it will take.
Then Mr. Ian replied that “I'm forwarding your ticket to our advanced specialists.” So wait
I waited for two days.
Yesterday morning at 10AM, Mr. Jaroslaw said that my order is cancelled as they do not have server in stock.
Now randomly their support persons reply to ticket without reading what other support person already said to me.
And today morning Mr. Ian replied saying that start-2-s-sata are in stock so order again at
I checked this page and now price was 8 euro and I said now price is 8 euro but order which canceled due to their stock was euro 2. I said yesterday was last day of month so why not they waited for 2-3 days as there was chance that today they will get stock and they can deliver server to me. Indeed they have 42 servers when I checked in morning.
Then Céline replied “We apologize for the inconvenience, because we never have the arrival dates of our future stocks. We had no visibility on this.”

So here are some facts

They accepted my order in sale even though they do not have servers in your stock.
They keep saying me for three days that I will get server soon.
They cancelled my order saying that they do not have server.
After few hours they have more that 42 server available.
Now they want me to pay four times price of sale price without any fault from my side

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