Oneprovider/online dedi experience & benchmark/review

Today I discovered a nice dedi offer from oneprovider (actually at online): a Avoton C2750 with 8 cores, 8 GB mem., 128 GB SSD for about 12€/mo.

Purchasing felt a bit strange due to their process but it went fine and I already ran a first quick benchmark with OK results.

But I also wanted to install a BSD for benchmarking for which they don't have a template. Speaking of it, their templates are, uhm, "unconventional". So I needed IPMI which according to the sales spec is available. Well, yes it is, but one must request it and provide a reason. It took awhile (1 hour or so) for them to react but the outcome was positive.

The IPMI however is not positive, not at all. That Supermicro IPMI is an insane nightmare! To mount a virtual CD-Rom one must provide a Windows share . Not http, not ftp, not a local ISO, nope, a Windows share! Now probably Supermicro meant well; after all Windows is still the most used OS. But in an IPMI? Sorry, Supermicro, with that insanity you immediately end up in my "Never-ever-Supermicro! They are a bunch of unprofessional insane morons!" list.

More to follow, I'll keep you updated ...

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