TheStack Hosting Special

So, I'm running a Halo Custom Edition tournament and they happen to have some special "Against COVID-19" KVM specials which are $7.

4x vCPU
60GB Disk Space
2TB Transfer
1 Gbit Uplink
1x IPv4

So, I got one for Chicago and one for Los Angeles. Loaded Windows Server 2019 on it because halo doesn't like wine unless you use a certain version or two.

Haven't had any major issues except getting Windows Server 2019 on it but they did that for me. I had to provide a iso but they didn't mind doing it for me.

Otherwise, Everything seems good. I haven't had any major issues and the players seem to enjoy having a selection of servers.

This is better then AWS Lightsail instances and i can run 4 servers per VPS instead of one with no issues. (Halo loves to be tied to a single core and tends to grab a core that isn't being used. Trust me, you need all of the cores/servers when you have 84 players across 14 teams.)

Lemme know if you have any questions, I'll be sure to answer what i can.

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