Convert markdown inline links to reference style links with Pandoc

Markdown has two options to create a link. A link is the piece of text you click to go to another webpage. Actually, three ways, since you can just embed HTML code in Markdown. I write all the content for this site in Markdown files, which are then converted by my static site generator to HTML, text and a gopher version. I'm used to using the inline link style, which is where you paste the link right in the text. Since I've enabled the Gopher version of, I noticed that there was no line wrapping. The HTML website all arranges that via CSS, but the text-only Gopher does not. Sometimes Gopher clients wrap text, but most don't. I'm re-wrapping all articles to make them fit, but the wrapping is way off with inline style markdown links. By converting them to reference style markdown links, the wrapping looks way better, and as an added bonus, reference style links give a better overview. There are a few scripts floating around to convert these links, but either Ruby or NodeJS. It turns out after a bit of research that Pandoc, the anything-to-anything text conversion tool, has an option to use reference style links. With this option, I converted all the articles here (almost 400) to the reference style Markdown links.

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