Line total (up+down sum) in PHP Network Weathermap

With PHP Network Weathermap you can create a birds-eye view of network components from your monitoring system (like LibreNMS, Cacti or anything else with an RRD database). It can display simple maps with components and links between, showing up and down traffic, but also complex systems with custom components, like Nagios status, temperature or other information. For network and system administrators seeing the seperate in and out traffic of a link is fine, we can sum up two numbers. A co worker filling the role of service manager asked me if it was possible to sum up in and out and show that, including the scale (different colours depending on link usage). This co worker is not interested in the seperate up/down link speed but wants to know how much traffic a location is using in total. Using a clever workaround, you can display a line's total usage, including the scale. This article also gives some more tips on weathermap, colouring and scale.

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