VaporNode - 40% discount challenge - $7 4GB KVM - $5 Dedicated CPU - Tampa, Florida

It's been awhile since we posted an offer. In addition to our normal offers below, we're trying something different...

We are offering an additional 40% recurring discount on any service, even if it's already discounted, for those that can find the hidden discount code. Challenge details here:

Let us know your thoughts on this approach or if you have any questions. The challenge isn't easy but it's also not difficult if you put some time into it.

VaporNode Advantages:

Fail-safe Tampa location
RAID-10 SSD storage
Free backups to our SAN (2 per VM)
Custom control panel ( Preview: )
Private networking
LXC or KVM virtualization
Support (phone, ticket, chat) that is actually useful

Upon ordering you are able to choose from many different operating systems to install on the service. These include CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Fedora, Debian, Turnkey Linux, and Windows Server options. These services are automatically setup upon payment. Additional IPv4 addresses are priced at $2/month per IP. IPv6 addresses are provided free of charge.

VPR-KVM-LE18 (Limit 2 per customer):

CPU: 4 cores
Storage: 25GB SSD
Network: 2TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps, 1 IPv4
Virt: KVM
Price: $7/month ( Order here )

VPR-CPU½-LE18 (Limit 2 per customer):

CPU: 1/2 dedicated core
Storage: 20GB SSD
Network: 1TB bandwidth @ 1Gbps, 1 IPv4
Virt: KVM
Price: $5/month ( Order here )

These are unmanaged services with no management option at checkout.

NOT ALLOWED: Illegal torrents, warez, spamming

ALLOWED: Legal torrents, TOR relays, game servers, adult content

More information and additional plans:

Other services: public cloud (resource bundles), storage VPS, managed cPanel VPS, dedicated servers, colocation

Payment: We currently accept PayPal, Bitcoin, credit cards, and debit cards.

Thanks for looking!

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