Review of how netcup is bad

Dear All,

In May, I purchased a vps from netcup about 15 euro per month and I found some issues and in the next day i sent a cancellation request and refund my money and I terminated the vps, then they replied that i should fill a form and print it and sign it and scan it then send it to them.

I used to purchase a vps from many providers and never seen something like that before specially my vps was monthly subscription so i said never mind about the 15 euro for this month and i will not pay any new invoices and then they will suspend and cancel my vps.
Next month I got new invoice, I found a button in the cpanel to cancel the subscription and requested that , then i got an email you have to pay first all the invoices, then i left them, and each month until now I am getting invoices despite many emails to them i don't want your service and i didn't use it only one day.

Now the total of invoices with some extra penalties about 150 euro or more and they don't respect their clients you can see this ugly email from their team

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