VPShared 2 day review - will never use again or recommend

I signed up to VPShared after seeing their offer on here. I was looking for a cheap way of hosting some Wordpress sites that currently have no significant traffic. The basic offer was this:

256MB RAM ★ 5GB Disk (SSD RAID 10), 250GB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps, 1 IPv4, cPanel - $5/yr

I was also considering Xinix and Websound but two things appealed to me about the VPShared offer:

They offer a 7 day refund if you're not satisfied
The deal included a dedicated IPV4 address

I had also used Virmach in the past for a Windows server and it had been solid. I now use Hyonix who are awesome, slightly cheaper and better server specs.

Anyway, I bought four of these plans for four domains I wanted to host and paid the $20 invoice.

So, first of all I ran into some problems installing Let's Encrypt certificates on the sites. I have to say their support was very responsive and sorted the issues in a reasonable time frame.

After the basic Wordpress install I started setting up two of the sites with the Tagdiv Newspaper theme and 6 plugins. This is when cracks started to appear and I got a resource warning for one of the domains. With the second domain it wouldn't even install the theme demo content and I was stuck.

I raised the issue with support and again they were responsive but didn't provide any solution. Fair enough, clearly the hosting specification was not good enough to run that particular Wordpress theme. Lesson learned and back to VPS world I go.

I raised a support ticket to cancel the 4 hosting plans and notified them of my request for a refund.

So here's the response to my request for a refund...

_I'm sorry, but we only provide a single refund per customer, for a single service & payment combination that qualifies. Any upgrades or addons generally do not qualify for a refund. You've requested a refund for multiple services. Which would you prefer to be refunded? Please keep in mind that if you placed a cancellation request for any service, the service will cancel at the end of the term by default, even if you do not receive a refund.

Since we cannot refund all services, please do let us know if you would like assistance in using your service, if you're having any issues._

So, bizarrely only offering to refund one of the service plans even although they were all ordered together and paid via one invoice.

I responded with this....

_Hi xxxx,

These services were ordered together which can be seen via the invoice for $20. The services are identical and not fit for my purpose. You clearly stipulate a refund period of 7 days which I am within. This is common sense and any refusal to issue a refund is just poor business and customer service on your part.

Please advise and clarify._

To which they responded with...

_The 7-day refund period is for a single service. This is mentioned both in our terms and in the summary that appears on the checkout page.

I've attached the relevant excerpt from our terms as well as a screenshot of the summary on the checkout page.

J) Refund Policy: VirMach will offer a full refund for any Services requested to be discontinued within 7 days of purchase; however, exclusions apply as follows:

This guaranteed refund only applies to the first refund for the first and single payment on a single Service that the Customer requests, limited per client, per household. This guaranteed refund does not include any “One-time Setup Fees” or “Monthly Additions” ordered. Afterward, VirMach will handle refund requests on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion;_

This is just abject and piss poor customer service all for the sake of a measly $20. Even the wording in their own quoted terms and conditions highlights that...

Afterward, VirMach will handle refund requests on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion;

Yet common sense doesn't prevail and they don't believe this situation qualifies.

Will never recommend and will avoid like the plague.

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