HostHatch 1 year review

Purchased Amsterdam 1 core 1G ram 5G nvme plan with a DDoS-Protected IP
Here's my first review.

Ordering & Server Provisioning: 5 stars

Fast & Great

OS Templates: 3 stars

CentOS 6/7
Debian 7/8
Debian 9 is not available for my VPS. They said that only plans with disk larger than 20G can have Debian 9 and Ubuntu 16.04...
Fedora 20/23
Ubuntu 12.04 14.04 16.04

Features: 5 stars

Automatic custom ISO mount to install ANY OS
Instant rDNS update
Instant DDoS-Protected IP configuration

Control Panel: 3 stars

Beautiful but buggy

Network: 5 stars

Fast. Low latency.

Performance: 4 stars

Same level as DO/Linode/Vultr, etc.

Uptime: 3 stars

About 3-5 times downtime less than 3 hours during the year.

Price: 5 stars


Support: 3 stars

Response Time: 1-2 days
Issue resolving: usually less than 5 days
They didn't reply the ticket after the issue is solved!!!

Tickets & Issues during the year

Panel Bug: Can't add custom ISO (solved)
Panel Bug: Can't login (solved)
Panel Bug: Can't use VNC (solved)
Panel Bug: IPv6 added but can't use them in VPS with correct configurarion
IPv6 restored after submit ticket but I was afraid to break it so I didn't touch them after that
DDoS-Protected IP down for more than 3 hours


Decent for just personal use with low budget.

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