[Scammer] Skb-enterprise.com 140 Euros SCAM

**I bought a server with skb-enterprise for 140 Euros on September 15th and contacted them after a few days to see how things were going, they said it will take a week for my server to be delivered and I accepted it.

1 week time was up contacted them and no answer from them proof : **

by the 10 day I opened a new ticket and no answer from them, until I put 1 star review in trustpilot **proof : **

**They say they have refunded my order, but when contacted with that as to why I haven't received a single cent back they just went on again and closed the ticket.

**Later today they have reported my review in Trustpilot saying I was a fake review, well here im posting now on forums with all the tickets screenshots, invoice, and all so guys be careful with this crooks all in all I can say SKB Enterprise is big big SCAM worst customer service and definitely stay away from them.

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