BudgetNode KVM VPS saved the day

I needed to put down 2x online.net dedis because my country currency is summer-hosting at the moment, hitting nullroute very soon so 19€/m for 2 dedis was not an option. the only "important" thing on there was a bind9 server so I didn't need much rig.

I hit Discord #offers and @Ishaq set me up with KVM on his solusvm miami node.

Downside is solusvm templates are old: they use very basic partition schemes with no encryption, but Fortunately @Ishaq agreed to reset some limit on the server (many times), that only allows changing the custom iso every 6 hours, so I tried couple isos until I found ubuntu 18.04 amd64 minimal iso that comes with lvm+crypto settings at install-time.

BudgetNode Clients panel is very basic just VNC and shutdown/reboot/start buttons, then there's another panel with custom iso/disk mode(had to set that to IDE for my use case), network drive,etc.

So far besides having to change the disk driver (from virtio to IDE) and using a custom ISO, all works as expected, I found no problems setting up my networking stuff and there seems to be no protocol blocks/speed caps on my kvm's network. I am using some GRE too and it worked out of the box.

now running some webmin+let'sencrypt+shorewall+fail2ban successfully in a very fine-working dns personal server.


CPU model: QEMU Virtual CPU version (cpu64-rhel6)
Number of cores: 2
CPU frequency: 2400.084 MHz
Total amount of RAM: 985 MB
Total amount of swap: MB
System uptime: 1 day, 9:25,
I/O speed: 58.9 MB/s
Bzip 25MB: 9.00s
Download 100MB file: 57.7MB/s

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