Alpharacks,who always tell the lie

In their May 1st newsletter, they mentioned this

LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: This is NOT your typical special, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We're so sure of that, that we are offering you a guarantee. If you find a lower price out there by an established competitor, email, we will guarantee to beat their price.

A month later(2018-06-04), the HiFormance released a new offer cheaper than them, so I emailed the information to the address above.

I didn't get any reply in the next week, but they sent newsletter again at 2018-06-11, so I opened a ticket.

At first, they asked me provide all the information again in the ticket, and they lie first time--saying the link I provided is not orderable, I've checked it on many different devices and then reply:

I can open it now, directly.
Shall I take a screen record to prove it?

also in these days, HiFormance released a cheaper offer so I also replied the new offer link.

Then they didn't reply me in the next 24 hours.
I urge them again, and they finally reply me with this at 2018-06-18:

My manager will be in touch with an offer for you.

since this, they didn't reply me anymore, automatically close my ticket every 72 hours----they set their WHMCS auto close the ticket even the status is "customer reply".
So I have to reply the ticket every 3 days.

at 2018-07-03, they replied me this:

Yes, we can beat it - price is $9/year with us. Available for new orders only.
Would you like to order? Please provide desired hostname and OS, I will add the custom order to your account.

That make me angry--I think the offer should be public, because as everyone knows, PM offer is differ from public offer--if the provider loves to, you can even get a FREE machine in PM, for some reasons they think it values, but no one can make a public offer for free.
So I think PM offer is not "beat" the public offer, and replied it.

This time they replied me fast (in the same day, 2018-07-03) with this:

I have forwarded your request to our concerned department. They will update you shortly .

But until today (2018-07-11 in their local time), they reply me nothing, and also close my ticket every 72 hours.

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