Espace 2001 Scam

On 22nd January 2017, I found a deal on a website that Espace 2001 is offering .org Domain Registration for $8.25 so I decided to go with it.

[17/07/2017 (08:36)] I requested to have my Domain Unlocked and have the EPP Code

[17/07/2017 (12:27)] Guy Himmelsbach says that the verification code has been sent to my email address

[17/07/2017 (15:16)] I replied with the code

Since then, you can see what's really going on and I even renewed my Domain with them to prevent getting expired.

And they didn't want to Transfer my Domain, so this time I opened a PayPal Dispute on 3rd June 2018 and today, look at what they did about an hour ago:

Stay away from (Espace 2001)!

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