YARSR (Yet Another Raindog Seedbox Review)

In the world of seedboxery, there are really three flavors:

roll your own
sign up with a seedbox specialist for a pure seeding VM
sign up with a seedbox specialist for a seeding VM + extras like Plex

I've done #1, generally with something simple like rtorrent. And that works fine, though the drawbacks are:

some of the typical cheap seedbox providers (e.g., Kimsufi) don't have the best networks in the world
DMCAs, depending on Linux ISO
if you want something fancy, you are setting it all up yourself. And that's fine for many people but in some areas, I'd rather pay a few dollars more and let someone else have the headache. It's kind of "do you want to run your own mailserver?"

I've done #2 with PulsedMedia . I generally like PM. Their systems work well and don't cost a fortune. You can get a nice seedbox for 10EUR/mo. I still have a Dragon Mushu there...for 13EUR/mo. It's a little disappointing that they don't grandfather pricing...if you sign up at 13EUR, you stay at 13EUR, even if they later release better plans. Just FYI.

PM has other options (some as cheap as 5EUR/mo) but I've just used them for pure seeding.

I've done #3 with RapidSeedbox, who was awesome...but also very expensive. I did a sheet of the per-TB cost of seedbox providers I was interested in, and RS was off the chart. E.g., my Ultraseedbox Jaguar Plex works out to about $10/TB, while RS was $36/TB. Still, great service...just expensive.

This time I tried UltraSeedbox, specifically their Jaguar Plex offering. It's a little different than the normal seedbox, as there's a 4TB up limit. They do have plenty of other offerings if you want unlimited seeding, but this one is focused on Plex.

I love US's control panel - very nice. Your box comes naked and you check off the options you want - e.g., rtorrent, rtorrent web, plex, filebot, etc. There's shell access as well. They have very good documentation - a whole wiki, plus they go out of their way to make finding info easy...e.g., you turn on an app and then in your installed app you can see complete connection details, links, etc. It's really dead simple to use.

Generally I find dedicated seedbox providers' speeds to be more than adequate for my needs. I have high ratios on trackers I use and things download quickly, and that's all I care about. I've watched via Plex via Roku and iOS web, and my UltraSeedbox has performed flawlessly. My only issue at the moment is poster downloads are inconsistent, but I think that's a Plex issue rather than US and I've seen that elsewhere.

Haven't needed support to date so I can't really comment on that.

Long-term, I may go with Ultra for a Plex center, and then perhaps a cheaper US, Pulsed, or Kimsufi for long-term ratio cultivation.

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