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I have to tell i had some really bad experience with wishosting i paid for a year of 2.99$ wich was very cheap however it's been 1 day and 2 hours since purshase i ahve not recived any information according to activation no replies to my tickets

and a pending service
i ahve a few tickets open beacuse of this
they all go in order:

Do you think i was a little bit too rude about this?
maybe i waited too short to post a review about them? they did say upto 24 hours and i apologies to the owner if he sees this and i made a mistake
all can do mistakes however it's summer time maybe the owner is a bit tired or something can i atleast get some help around this if i should open a depusit and or if i should wait and see whats going on?`i have proof and all emails keept of payment as proof i also told my bank and they are reayd for chargeback i have very little experience regarding hosting companies with i never heard of

Best Regards
Ulrik Brun

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