OVH - IP Failover Not Working At All

After read this post - I decided to give OVH a try on May 25.

I also ordered 4 more additional IPs (IP Failover) and I plan to install Proxmox on it.

I installed proxmox with OVH template without problem (hardware and main IP works as expected).

I created virtual MAC on OVH panel, assign it to the VM network on Proxmox.
Setup correct gateway - which is similar to my main server IP but with 254 at the end (x.x.x.254). But still the IPs failover cannot reach the internet. I can ping my main IP from the VM, I even can ping to the gateway IP from VM, but I cannot ping to, or any IPs outside.

This is not my first Proxmox server and I also followed the guide from OVH website and from Proxmox website about OVH network setting.

I contacted the support by creating a ticket 2655560307 on May 28 and got no answer after 2 days. I called their support and got useless response, and they reply it once with some instruction to do on Rescue Mode, I follow their instructions at email them back.

After 2 more days (4 days total) they haven't reply so I call them again on May 30. The support person only said that he will escalated it to higher support.

Because I need to get the server works, I tried to order 1 more IP failover and hope it will work this time. But again, like the /30 IP before , it failed to work.

And Today I got reply

We apologize for the delayed response. We've been informed that the routing issue should now be resolved. Now that the server is placed back on the disks, I've taken a look at the IPs but they are currently not responding. Are they still configured on your VMs?

But after turn the VM back on and test to ping, both VM (i have created 2 VM) still cannot reach the internet. Its still has the same problem as couple of DAYS ago.

Do you guys ever experienced the same IP failover problem with OVH ?
Am I allow for refund request - at least for $15 (5x failover IPs) ?

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