setfacl command

If we need to set advanced/particular permission to a folder or a set of folders other than normal folder permission of 755 for directories , we can use access control lists (ACL)

We can use below bash script to set the particular permission for a set of folders



for d in $dir
( cd $d && setfacl -m d:o:rwx folder/ )


First we need to assign the folder names in the variable dir.

setfacl -m d:0:rwx folder/

This command will modify the permission of others category to rwx for the directory folder/ in all directories of the variable dir.

If you experience any error like

operation not supported/permitted

tune2fs -o +acl /dev/sda1(the disk/partition where those directories belong)

the above command will include acl option in the filesystem for that particular partition.

then remount it

mount -a


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