NFP Hosting - Check refund policy.

I signed up with these guys for the $12 year deal yesterday (LEB), 13th May and then decide a day later that I did not want this and requested cancellation. This is based on the words above by Nathan, that there is a 3 day money back guarantee on this deal, "Hi Vijay, we’re extending a 3 day no questions asked money back guarantee on these packages". I now get an email from a guy Jamie Donati, who says, "In accordance to our terms and conditions, you are not eligible for a refund. Apologies about this!" I feel that I have been SCAMMED! They say one thing on sites like LEB to get the customer, and then ignore what they say when they have your money, in the hope that they can get away with it! Nathan also tells Vijay, "we’re not in the business of taking people’s money if they are not happy with our services."!!! which seems like a complete JOKE.

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