Hubic - the worst cloud storage ever

Hello Guys,

after Amazone Drive canceled the unlimited storage feature, i have to look around for an alternate solution to backup my personal NAS data (4,5TB in total) off site.
I was blinded by price to use Hubic - 4,16€/for 10TB/per Month (50€/year/10TB) is the best offer you can find to backup your NAS (except personal unencrypted, unlimited Backups via PC software like Backblaze personal or similar).

Speed: slow as hell - encrypted Backup via Synology can reach about 25GB-40GB/day (my line is 12Mbit upstream from Germany - fully usable all the time)-> so you can backup the full 10TB in only "a little less than one year" running continious backup upload...
by the way: Download is similar "fast"...

Reliability: reliable like copying to "/dev/null" all data is written OK to destination but you almost certainly won't get your data back ... (Some files lost, some are just not readable, some got wrong checksums)

Business practices: the best you can get for money - after i convinced to don't use Hubic further I "surpricingly canceled" my payed Account - that was fast the fastest process they offer -> seconds after i canceled my payed account i had no further access to the account (and any data stored there) - althought i payed for 365 days the little rest (of only 360 days of their "premium services") are now unusable und all data i stored there is lost.

recommendation: if you are looking for a slow replacement for "/dev/null" you should percive that offer.

All other people i advice to don't use Hubic ever...
I've read many negative reviews on lowendtalk but decided to ignore these opinions because of pricing.
That was the wrong way...

I look forward to use one of me known alternatives :
Synology C2: 7€/TB/Month
Hetzner Storage Box: 11,78€/2TB/Month
Google Drive: 9,99€/TB/Month
Google Business: >=5 Users for 8€/Month you get unlimited Space in Google Drive = 40€/Month for unlimited space (interessting for large (>= 5TB) Storages)

So i will have to reduce my storage needs or buy a simpe NAS hardware and provide it to one of my friends far away and pay the energy costs...
I have to calculate...

best regards

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