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So, as usual, I saw some VPS advertisement and found quite interesting due to its location in Romania, which I have not seen very often. Since the price is not very high, I decided that trying for a few months is a good idea.

I ordered a KVM VPS and paid the invoice via Paypal. Things seem to be working as usual and the VPS was activated soon after my payment. However, the whole thing was actually not working at all -- the VPS IP is unreachable and no working VNC console is available. I assumed that there should be something really wrong (e.g. ongoing DDoS attacks / server hardware failure), or the operating system is simply not installed correctly (their operating system list only says "Linux 2.6 / 3.x kernel", without even the distribution name), thus I opened a support ticket in their WHMCS system.

No response in the following hours. Their website even went 522 error for several times during the time I was waiting. Tried to reboot / rebuild several times but nothing was working. I saw there was a CentOS 6 disc mounted on the machine but how on earth am I supposed to do the installation myself without a proper working VNC console? And how on earth would a proper provider not notice when their service is broken for such a long time?

Or maybe I should have posted here before I open a Paypal dispute. Maybe the problem could have been fixed if my first reaction was to post the ticket here at "LowEndSupport". But I chose to open a Paypal dispute, and after which I quickly received a cursing response to the ticket I have opened.

And yes I got back what I paid. I am posting here only for those who would like to try this or similar providers. Maybe it is not a good idea to deal with some provider that could not even spell English words correctly, and could not even deal with the Linux operating system images correctly.

Attachment is the full conversation between me and the support team.

--- EDIT ---

And yes, what finally convinced me to "dispute" was searching something about this provider and found some earlier threads, for example

but I know it's not going to work as a reason here.

And I am not wasting my time on this matter any more. Posting here is only for reference for anyone who might want to deal with the provider. It's completely up to your evaluation, and I am not expecting anything here.

Thank you.

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