VPS with NVME and SBIX NIC in Germany and Finland [$5.46/month] Securebit

Dear LowEndTalk Users

We offer virtual servers with NVMe hard drive and direct connection to the Securebit Internet Exchange Tuusula [Finland] and Nuremberg [Germany].

Small budget virtual server from CHF 4.95 ($5.46)/month (annually payment) :

C1M2 (1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB HDD) CHF 4.95/mo ($5.46/mo) - Order now
1 Core @ 2.10GHz
20 GB NVMe Storage
1 Gbps (Shared)
1 IPv4 Address
1 IPv6 Address
Locations: Falkenstein or Nuremberg, Germany / Helsinki, Finland
1st NIC for Internet Access
2nd NIC [optional] connected to the Securebit Internet Exchange

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Securebit Internet Exchange

Test IPs:
Falkenstein, Germany:
Nuremberg, Germany:
Helsinki, Finland:

If you do not have an ASN yet, get your own AS number today and you will get a free IPv6 /48 subnet in addition:

ASN (32bit) RIPE Region - only CHF 75.00/one.off ($79.92/one-off) - Order now
Free IPv6 Subnet /48
32bit ASN
RIPE Region
Webinterface (Cloud Manager)

- ASNs, IPv4 and IPv6 Prefixes

We also provide cheap IPv6 Prefixes and you can also select the Country of the parten Prefix allocation:
Today we want to offer you a small budget IPv6 Prefix :

IPv6 Subnet /44 - CHF 15.00/anually ($15.77/anually) - Order now
- Geolocation for Assigment
- Geolocation for superordinate subnet (AU, DE, EU, LI, VA)
- Assignet to your RIPE ORG Object
- You can create Sub-Allocations, Routes and Domains (PTR)
- Webinterface (Securebit Cloud Manager)

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Find out more about Securebit AG and our offers:
* Legal informations
* Privacy
* Technology
* Internet Resources (ASN, IPv4 and IPv6)
* Virtual Servers (you can connect to multiple Internet Exchanges)

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