Lowcost anycast solutions review: Francisco vs Rage4

1 ipv4 ip address. Locations:
Rage4:Many(really!) but Seattle+Chicago+Frankfurt was selected for the test.
BuyVM: USD$6/mo for 3 vps (2 of them on Ryzen) with anycast ip included free. Traffic unmetered!
Rage4: EUR10/mo for 1 anycast ip basic plan with 20Gb traffic (In+Out) + 3vps (USD$3+EUR3)/mo.
Under the hood:
BuyVM hides all the complexity behind the control panel. Fast and simple. All you need to do is attach that additional anycasted ip to your network adapter. I added it as eth0.0
Rage4 uses zerotier network to deliver traffic to your nodes. And that adds quite a level of complexity to the whole system which I don't like. Once you got zerotier up and running you can use usual bgp4 client to annouce your ip to their's nearest router/(Linux box as a router more likely). I used bird.
Network upstreams:
BuyVM uses Gogent+HE mix
Rage4 uses mainly Vultr's network that gives a slight edge for some locations.
Almost comparable. BuyVM's mix of providers seems just attached LasVegas to L.A. and all the traffic goes via L.A. first no matter where it comes from. That adds ~20ms to the central U.S. originated traffic that did not go to NJ.

BuyVM: price and price once again for unmetering traffic,really simple to setup,low cpu usage (no traffic encryption), can handle ddos (+few bucks/mo via CF magic transit).
Rage4: Locations are dotted over the globe. I was able to bump up the usual lack of regional connectivity of OVH vps in Singapore.
BuyVM: needs Asia/Australia node badly.
Rage4: expensive and it will get crazy expensive when traffic is increased. Complexity and CPU usage. Each packet must be delivered to userspace for decryption/encryption. I would prefer GRE tunnel to keep it all handled in kernel.

To put user controlled firewall on provider's side. Especially for Rage4 which will encrypt (and possibly bill) and pass it to your nodes all those network cr*p that hits your ip.

All in all for anycasted DNS usage they are nicely compliment each other as two independent rings of PoPs with different mix of providers. Both are doing great work. Thanks!

P.S. I'd be happy to review anycasted ip as a service of geeksolutions.ca when they finally roll it out.

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