Avoid Hostodo at all costs

Hey all

I recently purchased a service from Hostodo and I have had nothing but issues.

First, when I purchased the server, it seems I received one on an oversold box as it claimed there was no space when the system showed there was.

After making a ticket (within 48 hours of ordering) they moved nodes however I asked for a refund that was never acknowledged.

On February the 25th I requested cancellation of the server at the end of the billing period. And received the confirmation email.

But a few days ago I got an email from PayPal saying they had charged me the automatic amount for the service. I immediately made a ticket and that was nearly 24 hours ago. The service has since been cancelled but I have received no refund. I will be escalating to a PayPal dispute if I get no refund within 24 hours.

First ticket: https://media.ssamjh.nz/2018-03-11_22-17-33.png

Follow up ticket: https://media.ssamjh.nz/2018-03-11_22-18-27.png

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