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I have purchased service since 2018 BF, renewed in 2019.

KVM - 512 MB
CPU: 1 vCore
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 15 GB SSD
Bandwidth: 500GB @100 Mbps Port
IP Addresses: 1 IPv4 & /64 IPv6 Subnet
Virtualization Type: KVM

After the service was purchased, Linux was installed and 8139 was used as the network adapter driver.
It was completely idle for the past month.

Yesterday I suddenly received service suspension notice, asking me to pay $270 within 3 days, otherwise the service will be terminated!
Suspension Reason: Overdue on Payment.

I was shocked.
I immediately logged into the client area and found that the status of the service was completely inaccessible.
I open a technical support ticket.
Asked why my service was suspended, the staff gave me statistical reports, saying that I went over 280% over my bandwidth.
And in the day of 9/9/2020, 2964025MB of data was burned. Note that is MBytes not Mbits!

Later, I recalled that it was impossible for this service to burn up so much traffic when it was completely idle.
I made a simple calculation with the staff.
There are 24 hours a day, 60 minutes per hour, and 60 seconds per minute.
The 100Mbps port with 8139 driver can only transmit up to 100/8=12.5MBytes of data per second.

24x60x60=86400 seconds

Even if my service transmits data 24 hours a day, it can only transmit 1080000MB of data (that is, 1 TB of data) at most in a day.
How could it be possible use 100Mbps port with 8139 driver, Burning nearly 3 TB of traffic?

After that, I confirmed with the staff again.
They insisted that their report was correct and deleted my service completely.

After my service was terminated, I received their termination notification email.
The content of the email is attached.

That is a joke.

They use fake reports, cheated customer, stay a way from!

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