- avoid scam, think twice before trying something like that


Removed the server without any reason for doing it (the server was in an idle state just with monitoring, no production tasks (god bless) running).
Do not answer the support tickets at all, don't care
Banning from their official discord channel if you will ask why your service is not working.
Full of kids, impulsive idiots, and cunts without knowing what mean responsibility, reputation, and fraud.
Stay away, if you won't lose money, time, and your files.


Bought for 10$ or euro/mo in the November their services with dedi core.
I was satisfied by how it running up to the middle of December.
Since December started massive performance degradation in a CPU (in 2x times), disk system in 3-5x times, internet speed, and so on.

About performance degradation:

Something like this was for around 30+ days, then this kind of performance gone, and performance with time continued being worst and worst.

Like that (this is the last benchmark when VPS was active):

At January they without asking permissions from their customers changed their own rules (which is illegal) about providing services to end users. They sold a lot of VPSes for people with providing support, right now they don't care at all. They promised, that they made an automated solution which guarantees that if from their side VPS will not work, they will fix it automatically in 1 hour. For VPSes which costs < 10$ they will not provide any basic ticket support instead of questions related to downtimes of the service. That means next to your server offline, they will automatically fix it for you.

Here is from CP ss, which show, that everything is ok from my side:

And since feb 02 the server is inactive. Impossible to ping, impossible to connect, impossible to reinstall OS, impossible to do anything. The server is just offline. Impossible connect via VNC, and so on. No warnings, no notifications about that, nothing. Since 02 Feb up to current date the server is offline, and no one care. They banning at Discord when you trying to talk, they totally ignoring all tickets and so on.
At the time when I noticed that treudler is offline (is a common problem with them) I joined discord channel where they have official "support", and where is owner always is and asked: "is treudler offline, or just me?". And got the instant banhammer. (LOL, this is was very shocking, and at the same time stupid). They removed my message, they banned me, and some other guy who faced the same issue like me. That sad part, I did not get the screenshot from it... Shame on me.

(I just noticed that they edit their support page and changed info about their discord channel, that this is a channel where you can get some support from customers, not thyself, but there was info that this is one of the support channels, and staff always there).

After around 36+ hours since the server is offline, I created the first support ticket (time is incorrect on the first screenshot from support ticket, because I just installed OS, and my local time not correct yet).

Here is it:

After 2 days without answers, and ignoring me at Discord, I decide to make a new ticket.

And here you can read it:

Since that time, no answers to any of both tickets at all. But at the same time, the owner of the "business" talks about anime, about hardware, about different things like all kids do at Discord channel, and banning time to time people who are starting to talk anything about treudler services or that their VPS is inactive.


It's up to you to decide to buy or not. But personally, me will not recommend. Don't give any chance for noname providers, stay away from 1-kid companies (I respect some people who can make a good company alone). Don't rush for prices, because you will pay much more in the result.

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