Briehost is dead (2018 review)

Briehost was one of the few providers that gave you a VPS for $1.99/year. In October 2017 I bought a VPS (OpenVZ, 5GB storage, 256 RAM, IPv6 only) for testing purposes. I paid $4.99. The setup was automatic and I was happy overall.
Last week (February 2018) I wanted to "unearth" my unused VPS, but server was offline with an "Other OS" installed. I wasn't able to start nor reinstall the OS.
Error. Rebuilding VPS. Status: "There was an error while saving the VPS Data on the slave. Please make sure that the slave server is working".
I submitted a ticket. Days later, I got no reply, and I started to realize that something was wrong with Briehost. The other day I sent messages to and announcing that I was about to open a PayPal dispute.

I came to this useful forum to check if other people was also having problems with Briehost. I found the only Briehost review thread (I expected more popularity for such a cheap provider). The discussion is from May/2017, but was reopened on 28 Jan by @Researcher , who commented something similar to my case.
I visited @briehost profile and learned that he posted 9 offers between Oct/2013 and Sept/2016. "Last Active: September 2017" that says it all.
Visit: All servers are down.

Why I created this thread ? 1) To warn prospective customers. Ok, Briehost, you're out of business, so why do you still have a fully operative website and store? That's called scam. 2) To tell existing customers with my same problem that you're not alone, and we need to file a claim with PayPal.
Side note: Is it legal to offer a service with a no-refund policy? In the shopping cart (order summary) client is asked to checkmark "I understand there are no refunds on this product".
I'll update this post with info about my Paypal dispute.

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