VPSSIM (VPS Simple) - a tool auto setup and manage VPS

For a long time VPSSIM had no update, it lost many users and had many disappointeds. But now, VPSSM updated more frequently. Many tools and utilities added. If you do not like it or has bad experience about VPSSIM, i'm really so sorry for that. I am trying my best to make VPSSIM better and better. If you did not using it in the pass or you hate it after had bad a disappointed, please have a test with the latest version. If you change your mind, that's my lucky. if you still do not like it, please tell me why. Thank you very much.

Command to setup:

yum -y install wget; wget https://vpssim.com/install ; chmod +x install; bash install

VPSSIM works with Centos 6.x & Centos 7.x

For more details, please visit: https://vpssim.com

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