Hudson Valley Host

I used HVH's VPS servers for a month and was terminated. The termination was amicable - they did not like what I was doing for potential 'intel exploit' (I have no idea that was) and high CPU usage.They gave me a full refund and I respected their discretion.
I tried a couple of other provider during the time. HVH's servers and network were the most stable. I had consistent performance. Their low-end CPU was E3-1240 V2 @ 3.40GHz, which was the fastest in the same price range. The servers were not high-density and my usage could hit 100%. In comparison, another provider gave me L5520 CPU which is 10x slower and their servers could not stay online for long.
I think HVH is good for hosting websites and and web apps. The rep I talked to was Mike, who was a reasonable guy.

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