Serverhand wins Paypal dispute (Again) by modifying customer's product details

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Let's look back to the event in last month.

I didn't receive the refund form by Serverhand when the event happens.

I opened a ticket when my VPS offline and they deployed a new one with lower specs and different location. (I bought a VPS in LA but they gave me one in Piscataway) They insisted the specs is right even if I pasted the invoice information to then. (And I finally know that this is one of the steps to win the dispute by providing fake proof)

Since they refused to give positive reply then I opened a paypal dispute on 2017/12/24.
Today I received the email to notice me that I lose the dispute.

I called Paypal for the reason of they made the decision without asking me for proof.
And the sweety girl of paypal told me that the merchant has given two screenshots of my purchase as a strong evidence so they do not need to ask me for proof.
I logged into the client area of ServerHand (thanks for they are not closing my account) and know what's happening: They modified the product name and the due date of my service for make screenshot as fake evidence during paypal dispute.

Invoice of purchase:

Service Info before dispute

Service Info after dispute

Paypal made Serverhand wins the dispute without giving me chance to submit proof.

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