HostHatch is perfect!

Very lucky to get one!!

CPU model : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 0 @ 2.90GHz
Number of cores : 1
CPU frequency : 2899.998 MHz
Total size of Disk : 4.9 GB (0.9 GB Used)
Total amount of Mem : 746 MB (224 MB Used)
Total amount of Swap : 63 MB (0 MB Used)
System uptime : 0 days, 0 hour 12 min
Load average : 0.08, 0.05, 0.03
OS : Debian GNU/Linux 8
Arch : x86_64 (64 Bit)
Kernel : 3.16.0-4-amd64
I/O speed(1st run) : 872 MB/s
I/O speed(2nd run) : 998 MB/s
I/O speed(3rd run) : 1.0 GB/s
Average I/O speed : 964.7 MB/s
Node Name IPv4 address Download Speed
CacheFly 111MB/s
Linode, Tokyo, JP 8.08MB/s
Linode, Singapore, SG 9.82MB/s
Linode, London, UK 65.3MB/s
Linode, Frankfurt, DE 88.9MB/s
Linode, Fremont, CA 7.56MB/s
Softlayer, Dallas, TX 12.6MB/s
Softlayer, Seattle, WA 12.1MB/s
Softlayer, Frankfurt, DE 45.0MB/s
Softlayer, Singapore, SG 9.45MB/s
Softlayer, HongKong, CN 7.85MB/s
Node Name IPv6 address Download Speed
Linode, Atlanta, GA 2600:3c02::4b 13.9MB/s
Linode, Dallas, TX 2600:3c00::4b 13.2MB/s
Linode, Newark, NJ 2600:3c03::4b 12.2MB/s
Linode, Singapore, SG 2400:8901::4b 11.9MB/s
Linode, Tokyo, JP 2400:8900::4b 8.78MB/s
Softlayer, San Jose, CA 2607:f0d0:2601:2a::4 4.92MB/s
Softlayer, Washington, WA 2607:f0d0:3001:78::2 17.8MB/s
Softlayer, Paris, FR 2a03:8180:1301:8::4 57.3MB/s
Softlayer, Singapore, SG 2401:c900:1101:8::2 9.33MB/s
Softlayer, Tokyo, JP 2401:c900:1001:16::4 6.00MB/s

@Abdullah Yes, I like you!

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